Families flock to Cirencester Abbey Grounds as temperatures soar

As temperatures soared to 26 degrees, families and groups gathered in Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds yesterday.

Students, the retired and furloughed workers sat in the afternoon sun, all mostly acknowledging the current social distancing measures.

Lunch Box, a takeaway coffee and sandwich business have been setting up in the Abbey Grounds after their morning deliveries and noted how many are adhering to the regulations on the day that the Prime Minister announced that from July 4, social distancing is to relax from two metres to one.

“We have seen a complete mix of social bubbles while working here,” said Lunch Box owner Huw Parry.

“Lunch Box has also had to adapt to the government guidelines but we have been lucky that we have been allowed into these social spaces to supply our coffees, cold drinks and snacks.

“The Cotswolds should be proud of how we are dealing with this, from the NHS to the man on the street, all are helping or doing their bit to fight the coronavirus.”

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