Fire service passes inspection with ‘good’ rating

fire service passes inspection with good rating - Fire service passes inspection with 'good' rating
fire service passes inspection with good rating 1 - Fire service passes inspection with 'good' rating

Communities are well protected by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service after it was rated ‘good’ in its first inspection.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary & Fire and Rescue Services has spent the last year analysing data and documents and visiting the service to assess it against three core themes – effectiveness, efficiency and how well it looks after its people.

The inspectorate found that the Service was ‘Good’ across all three core themes and commended the service for its performance.

The national report indicates a positive position compared with the national picture in the effective delivery of fire safety, targeted prevention activity and exploiting the benefits of technology to modernising its working environment.

Chief fire officer Ben Ansell said: “I am delighted that the service has been independently recognised by the inspectorate for all the good work that takes place across Dorset and Wiltshire to keep our communities safe from fire and the other emergencies that we deal with.

“The inspection process was a good experience that has provided us with a good platform to build upon.

“We will continue to build on the great work that is being delivered for our communities.

“I am very proud of our organisation and all the fantastic work done by my staff.

“They work really hard to give the best possible service they can to all those who need our help or work with us.

“This result is even more impressive if you consider that this is a new service, coming into existence just over three years ago.”

In particular, HMICFRS praised the service for its prevention initiatives, education, approach to social media, making really good use of the money available to deliver an effective operational service and the open and honest culture within the organisation

The inspectors said: “We spoke to a lot of staff across the whole organisation in prevention, protection, response, and to corporate staff.

“The way they felt about the service impressed us.

“They were proud of the service and of its work in the community and spoke highly of their own work to contribute to the service’s vision.”

The report also highlights areas where the service could further develop with some identified ‘improvement areas’. 

Chair of Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue authority, Cllr Rebecca Knox, said: “This is a great outcome for Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

“It is extremely reassuring that we have such an effective fire and rescue service.

“On behalf of the authority and the residents we represent, I would like to thank all staff for their professionalism in delivering this highly skilled service to the communities across Wiltshire.

“We look forward to building on this report and its recommendations as the organisation further develops.”

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