Before anything else Covid-19 vaccinations begin around Cirencester Hospital

CIRENCESTER Hospital has recently officially launched its coronavirus vaccination programme.

Brian Horton, 82, from Cirencester and Roger Parfitt, 84, from Tetbury, were two of the first affected men to receive the Pfizer vaccine at the hospital earlier soon.

After receiving the jab, Roger said: “I hope when using the second injection in several weeks time that lifestyle can become nearer to normal. micron

The beginning of the hospital’s vaccination solution has been welcomed by Doctor Angus McMyn, lead DOCTOR for the Community Vaccination Hub at Cirencester Hospital.

He recounted: “It is a very proud wonderful day to be part of this nation wide vaccination programme and we are really very excited to be able to start preserving some of our highest menace patients against the virus.

“This will be a major programme, and we have had to act on speed to get to this point.

“I only desire to thank all my colleagues for your huge effort and extended hours to ensure that the logistical problems of storing and using the vaccine safely ensure you place.

“We would also not wind up here without the help of teacher at Cirencester Hospital; we are both incredibly grateful to them with regard to their hard work and for supporting state GP surgeries to put our programme in place so in short order.

“We ask patients for their continual, continuous, nonstop support over the coming period and months.

“Please don’t be sure to contact a surgery to make an appointment : we will be in touch when it is one’s own turn. ”

Starting with people across 80, roll out of the vaccination programme will be expanded during coming weeks and or simply to include other priority online communities by age and people who are extremely vulnerable.

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