Flash mob marriage proposal in Cirencester town centre

A Cirencester woman got the surprise of her life on Saturday afternoon when a flash mob appeared in front of her as part of an elaborate proposal.

Joanna Dunne, 58, thought she was meeting now fiancee Eamon Ross, 57, for a coffee at Keith’s on Black Jack Street.

But as soon as their drinks arrived, a group of 16 dancers broke out into a routine to the tune of Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

What appeared to Joanna to be a complete coincidence, had actually been carefully planned out by Eamon in collaboration with Cirencester Dance Club and freelance dance instructor Zoe Humphries.

As the routine came to a close Eamon joined in before getting down to propose to Joanna, who was quick to accept.

“I’ve done a flash mob before in London and just thought it’s different, something fun to do,” explained consultant Eamon afterwards.

“These guys did such a good job. The sun came out, when I woke up this morning I thought it was going to be grey.

“Keeping it a secret was the hardest part. She had no clue.”

Joanna, a guest relations manager at the Kings Head hotel, really was none the wiser – even after noticing Black Jack Street was busier than usual.

“He just said join me for a coffee. I did say to him why are all these people around?”

“I thought they were just queueing to go into shops or something.

Joanna still did not twig when Eamon joined in with the dancing, only realising when he pointed in her direction.

“I just thought how amazing that we happen to be sitting here in an amazing position.

“I’m just thrilled,” she added.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Joanna and EamonJoanna and Eamon

Choreographer Zoe was delighted with how everything went.

“I was approached by Cirencester Dance Club about a month ago. I met with Eamon about two weeks ago and he said he’d really like to do it on the Jubilee weekend.

“He came up with the concept, he knew what he wanted,” she explained.

After putting together a group of dancers, including daughters Maille and Ulani, rehearsals were held in Bingham Hall and Siddington Village Hall.

“It’s a real mix. Neighbours, friends, dancers I’ve worked with before. It’s a real ‘bring the community together’.

“Keith’s have been amazing,” Zoe added.

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