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If you own a WordPress website, or any other platform, in Gloucestershire or Bristol we, ‘The Traffic SEO’ can help you with a really easy way to monetize your website, and start making money online using our flight and Hotel affiliate marketing system which can attract your customers from Gloucestershire, Bristol and beyond to book flights and hotels from your website.

Example websites and scripts

We offer two example websites where the site owner take advantage of our partner affiliate system. A) www.maltaholiday.online and B) www.hoteldealsphuket.com

How it works?

  1. We set you up a account on our affiliate partners.
  2. We will then set your website up with two sub-domains: hotels.yourdomain and flights.yourdomain on the server where your website is hosted.
  3. Then within your server / hosting account we add new DNS codes so that everything stays within your sub-domain, and not re-directs off to another website. This also makes it feel like all Hotels and flights are on your website.
  4. Once the above is done we will then design the affiliate template, adding your logo, heading, footer links etc to the sub-domain.
  5. Once this is done we, or you, can place the flight or Hotel widgets or scripts right in your posts, pages and allow your visitors to book favorable flights from Bristol, Birmingham or other local UK airports, and hotels around the UK and in any destination.
  6. All you need to then do is let your website visitors, friends and customers know about your new service via email, word of mouth or by posting to your social media.
  7. The web visitor is happy to grab a great flight or Hotel deal, while you get paid a reward for them doing so.
  8. Your earnings will be displayed in your own dashboard and you get scheduled, automated, monthly payouts directly into you bank.

To find out more about how we can help you set this up please drop us an email at www.thetrafficseo.com. Thank you.

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