A water surge warnings remain in place in Stroud

a water surge warnings remain in place in stroud - A water surge warnings remain in place in Stroud

A number of flood warnings be in place this morning after full rain fell across Stroud.

Obese rain lashed down from Stroud yesterday, with a blue weather warning from the Matched Office in place for the whole of the day.

Slad Road gives you experienced its worst pouring into since 2007. Ebley Route has also been affected.

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The Environment Agency (EA) has issued two come pouring warnings for Stroud.

River Frome at Brimscombe and Thrupp and at Chalford have been produced a red warning.

A spokesman for The Environment Agency wanted to say: “River levels are incrementally rising at the Brimscombe lake gauge and the Chalford river gauge as a result of recent strong rainfall.

“Consequently, flooding of other property, roads and farmland secure expected to continue.

“We expect uploading to to affect properties while roads in the Brimscombe as well as the Thrupp area.

“Our incident rejoinder staff are liaising together with emergency services.

“Please avoid experience of flood water and avoid selecting low lying footpaths almost local watercourses. ”

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