Rise tipping ‘hot spots’ in the Cotswolds revealed

rise tipping hot spots in the cotswolds revealed - Rise tipping 'hot spots' in the Cotswolds revealed

A definite map has been produced to highlight be no more tipping ‘hot spots’ in the Cotswolds.

Cotswold Region Council ’s environmental experts team has produced the place that shows locations in the center where fly tipping is most extensive.

The aim of the guide is to enlist people’s help to burst down on illegal dumping.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

(The map highlighting the fly falling hotspots in the Cotswolds)

Residents are being urged through council to study the map and try to be extra vigilant in the areas marked with a red pin, reporting some suspicious tipping activities to the council whenever possible.

Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cotswold Region Council’s cabinet member with life time for tackling fly tipping, identified: “Cotswold District, covering 450 sq miles, is one of the largest districts in the country making it difficult to guard against persistent fly tippers.

“We hope that highlighting the areas precisely this is more common will enable your own local residents to help identify these criminals and reduce the impact on their environment.

“No-one should put their selves in danger, but it is always useful to quite possibly be vigilant for suspicious tipping endeavor.

“You should explain the council about suspicious actions ASAP by calling on 01285 623123 or via our online outline.

“The more detail you can easily provide the more likely it is to have outcomes.

“We are grateful for the help we receive in residents to combat this damaged crime, and hope that this very new map will generate even more referrals.

“Rest assured any time we can trace and identify offenders, we will always take steps to prosecute them. ”

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