Forest Green Rovers – what is needed now

forest green rovers what is needed now - Forest Green Rovers - what is needed now
forest green rovers what is needed now 2 - Forest Green Rovers - what is needed now

IN uncertain times for football, the release by Forest Green Rovers of some good players can be summed up in one word – necessary.

Look back at last season and a poor final league position is not what a club with ambition should be satisfied with.

Wretched home form wrecked everything. Major surgery was needed.

Recruitment had been patchy and no advantage was taken of the January transfer window. The squad was not good enough.

Fine away wins at Cheltenham and Swindon showed what could be achieved but also served to highlight the inconsistency.

Then we need to look forward. Football must, in post virus seasons emerge ‘leaner and fitter’.

Sorry to use a Maggie Thatcher phrase folks but this one hits the nail on the head.

Money will be scarce and the best possible use of it must be made.

Too often we had good players absent for long periods. Contracted reasons mean the retained squad is too large.

There are players within it who are fortunate.

Manager Mark Cooper now has some scope to bring in players and must look for those who are value for money.

There will be plenty around. Hopefully he will start by looking for a good goalkeeper.

We have had too many ships that pass in the night. Did I not see two playing in the Division Two play-offs?

Yes, the future could be exciting but recruitment must be top notch. We need players who can do a good job for 40 games a season, home and away.

Our friends at Swindon and Cheltenham have shown the way forward. Good luck to them.

They have shown the standards we must reach.

John Light


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