Natrual enviroment Green Rovers’ wooden stadium think about rejected

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New FGR stadium Video copyright Zaha Hadid Architects
Image caption Typically the football stadium was planned being made entirely from wood so that you can sustainable

Forest Environment friendly Rovers have been refused permission to develop a 5, 000-seat wooden ground.

Councillors voted resistant to the proposal on Wednesday by a associated with three, citing concerns over tones, traffic and the impact on the panorama.

The football arena near Stroud would have included a one, 700-space car park and two full size grass pitches.

Club chairman Dale Vince understood: “I might appeal but… I just wonder if it’s worth the effort. ”

“How hard must have to try to bring some advances and create jobs? ”

natrual enviroment green rovers wooden stadium think about rejected 2 - Natrual enviroment Green Rovers' wooden stadium think about rejected

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Press caption The view from the middle of the town spot of the proposed Forest Healthy Rovers stadium

The new “eco-friendly” stadium was plotted for construction near junction tough luck of the M5.

A new League Two side is one to only 15 organisations from virtually to win a United Nations Power for Change climate action give.

Mr Vince had hoped the “sustainable stadium”, designed by Zaha Hadid, would allow work team to aim for promotion, so said it would bring employment and thus investment opportunities to Stroud.

‘Stunning design’

But councillors raised priorities about noise impact for students to be found at nearby William Morris College, that gives education for students with learning disabled.

“It’s a stunning creation, and I would love to see it in the Stroud district, but on balance it does go against our Local Development Plan (LDP), ” said district councillor Haydn Jones.

The LDP was proposed in 2015 and even guides planning policy until 2031. Your own stadium was not suggested when the plan was made.

Mr. Vince said it was a “farcical moment”.

“The possibilities for rejections were tenuous at best, councillors had to take a five minute break to decide why to turn it back.

“If I do yndighed, it will be an independent and far more master decision, and I see little chance of losing. ”

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