Fosse Dogotel and Cattery near Cirencester closes

A kennels near Cirencester has closed after being in the same family for 45 years, writes Chris Roberts. 

Allyson Evans, who runs Fosse Dogotel and Cattery has decided now is the time to close the kennels permanently and retire.

When Allyson’s parents, Gordon and Biddy, bought Fosse Kennels it was very rundown, and they set about the huge task of completely refurbishing it.

Allyson’s mother started taking bookings for cats, although they had no provision for accommodating them So Allyson’s father had to build new pens as quickly as possible.

At their busiest, they were able to accommodate 100 dogs and 80 cats.

Allyson rejoined her parents in the early 1980s and was taught by how to run, develop and grow the animal boarding business.

After the deaths of her mother in 2011 and her father in 2013, Allyson became the sole proprietor.

The time spent being the primary carer for her parents before their deaths took a toll on Allyson’s commitment to the business and she even thought about selling up then and there.

But everything changed when she switched accountants to Mitchell & Sarjent in Fairford and met Rebecca Sarjent, who encouraged her to carry on.

Allyson said: “Rebecca helped and supported me so much and, at the time, I didn’t know that she would later become my wife.

The pair married in 2019 after being together for two years.

Reflecting on her time at the kennels Allyson said: “We have had lots of fun times.

“There was one particularly funny incident when a man wanted to book himself into the kennels and be a dog for the day.

“My mother told him that was fine, but he would have to pay the daily rate for whatever breed he would like to be.

“He chose to be a German Shepherd and called himself Timmy.”

Allyson wanted to thank all her customers for their support over the years.

“My father always said that I should sell the business when I felt the time was right and that I should move on and reap the rewards of the Evans family labours.

“I hope my customers will understand.

“I also hope that they will find suitable accommodation for their furry friends in the future.

“Now is the time for Rebecca and me to be together more with our cat and three dogs.”

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