Zero cost copies of Greta’s book

zero cost copies of gretas book - Zero cost copies of Greta’s book
zero cost copies of gretas book 1 - Zero cost copies of Greta’s book

FREE copies of a new schedule by climate activist Greta Thunberg are being offered to Stroud schools.

The collected speeches of their 16-year-old Swedish activist, who launch the worldwide school strike for your personal environment in 2018, will be for sale as a book next month.

Entitled No One Is Too Small to Issue, the book will feature associated with 11 of Greta’s key messages, which were all written by her.

Stroud Bookshop is now showing free copies to all the local legitimate schools and other educational centres, curteous of a donation from one of their associates.

The target is to make the book available to the largest amount people as possible.

“We have been blessed with this wonderful gift item from our kind supporter, ” spoken Stroud Bookshop owner Charles Language.

“The speeches of all Greta Thunberg seem so empowering and vital at this time of problems emergency that we would like to be able to put in a copy to every teenager.

“Of course finances are finite, so we have agreed the best way to submit the message is through the professional training libraries.

“All colleges and universities have to do to obtain copies is to get in touch at Stroud Bookshop on 01453 756646.

“We encounter 100 copies, so there are probably some spare for local prime organisation and and public libraries. ”

Greta Thunberg has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize and was better known as by Time magazine as one of the pct most influential people of 2019.

Speaking with MPs last month, she said: “We children are picking up to wake the adults away.

“We children are performing because we want our hopes and dreams back to you. ”

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