Gatcombe Horse Trials to end as organiser hits out at riders

gatcombe horse trials to end as organiser hits out at riders 1 - Gatcombe Horse Trials to end as organiser hits out at riders

A long-standing Gloucestershire horse riding event is set to come to an end.

The Gatcombe Horse Trials are currently held twice a year at Princess Anne’s home near Minchinhampton.

The Spring Horse Trials will not return although Septembers event will still go ahead.

The equestrian festival has been held at Princess Anne’s 700-acre estate for the last 29 years, regularly attracting thousands of visitors.

Event organiser Pattie Biden said: “Although this year the weather was kind to us, if you look back over the years we have had to cancel some days quite often.

“Last year it snowed the weekend before but we managed to dig it all away and then it rained hard on the Friday and so we had to cancel The Saturday. 

“It is heart breaking to go through all that work for nothing. Often with not a word of thanks from some of the riders.

It takes a lot of hard work to run an event especially at that time of year and even harder to tidying up after it.The Princess Royal has always been generous in letting us use the Estate and continues to do so. 

“I sometimes wonder when riders who all go home, give those of us  left behind  a thought as we clean up all the mess,rubbish,litter,mud to say nothing about piles of straw and muck on the lorry park. 

“I have by and large loved my time running Horse Trials but sadly all good things have come  to an end.”

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