General election 2019: Superdry boss gives Plaid Cymru £70,000

general election 2019 superdry boss gives plaid cymru 70000 - General election 2019: Superdry boss gives Plaid Cymru £70,000Image copyright SuperGroup
Image caption Julian Dunkerton has said UK membership of the EU has helped Superdry’s success

Fashion boss Julian Dunkerton has given Plaid Cymru £70,000 to boost its election coffers, it has been revealed.

The Cheltenham-based co-founder of the Superdry brand previously gave £1m to the People’s Vote campaign for a fresh referendum on Brexit.

More recently, he has been a vocal supporter of the Unite to Remain electoral pact between Plaid, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Mr Dunkerton also gave £20,000 to the Lib Dems in July.

The donations to Plaid Cymru in November have been published by the Electoral Commission following a declaration by the party.

The millionaire businessman, who supports the UK remaining in the European Union, has said his company “would never have become the global success that it did” if Brexit had happened 20 years ago.

Plaid Cymru is defending four of the 40 parliamentary seats in Wales. It is standing down in four seats as part of the pro-Remain alliance, but in return is being given a clear run in seven seats by the Lib Dems and Greens.

Mr Dunkerton and Plaid Cymru have been asked to comment.

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