General election 2019, Your Questions Answered: Housing in Gloucestershire

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Image caption Thousands of new homes are planned for the Cotswolds

Housing in Gloucestershire is an important issue, with thousands of new homes planned for the Cotswolds where house prices are locking many young people out of buying.

Tim Mayo, 60, asked the BBC’s Your Questions Answered: “Where does each party stand on the current rate of new housing expansion in Gloucestershire? If they want changes, what would they change?”

He said he was concerned about a lack of infrastructure associated with new homes.

We put Mr Mayo’s question to the four candidates in The Cotswolds constituency.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Conservative

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“The 2011-2031 Local Plan has already seen more than 3,000 new homes built, with plans to build thousands more in place. I believe more must be done to increase the supply of affordable housing and to help young people onto the housing ladder.

“The Cotswolds is a beautiful part of the country, but the properties come with a premium and the average house price is well over the national average. Young people are already struggling to save the deposits to buy their first homes.

“I have been campaigning on unfair ground rents and service charges on new developments, especially the costs for the management of common parts of the estate.”

Alan Mackenzie, Labour

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“New housing in The Cotswolds is not meeting the needs of the population especially with social housing where people struggle to bid for properties on the Homeseeker Plus website.

“We would look to build homes for young people and bring the cost of buying down so we are no longer forcing young people to move elsewhere.

“We will improve the standards of housing, review the planning guidance for developments in flood risk areas and build to meet needs, while ensuring we protect the environment.”

Sabrina Poole, Green Party

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“I support the building of new housing, however it must be addressing the problems Gloucestershire has.

“At the moment the homes being built are not necessarily affordable or what the communities need. I would prioritise social-rented homes, more homes that cater for young people and more supported housing for older people needing social care.

“Housing also needs to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Until housing is built to cater to communities and the future as well as profit, Gloucestershire will not have its housing emergency addressed.”

Liz Webster, Liberal Democrats

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“In the Cotswolds, over 1,800 people are on the housing register for affordable housing. Homelessness is increasing, house prices are well beyond the means of many people and high rents mean that most local people cannot afford to live here.

“People should be put before profit when it comes to delivering housing. Putting social housing at the heart of the solution to the housing crisis is my priority.

“Liberal Democrats would give local authorities more powers to ensure tenants are secure in their home by abolishing the no-fault eviction process, ensuring that landlords cannot evict tenants with little notice for no reason.”

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