Gigantic potholes in Dursley, Cam and Wotton spark calls for action

Some of the worst have been highlighted on social media by Gazette readers, including particularly deep holes in Woodview Road, The Corriett, and Tilsdown Close.

Drivers have described the potholes as ‘a hazard’, ‘dangerous’ and a ‘mess’. 

Concerned resident Ian Styles told the Gazette about a particularly deep hole on Box Road in Cam. 

“Box Road is in an appalling and dangerous condition,” he said. 

“Gloucestershire County Council are saying it isn’t dangerous or in need of repair yet they repair a small pothole within feet of the serious potholes and ignore them. 

“They said it doesn’t meet their criteria which is just ludicrous.

“Traffic has to cross onto the opposite side of the road to avoid them so they are a danger risk and a hazard for cars and cyclists.

“And it gets worse as time goes on. 

“It definitely meets their criteria for a rapid repair so I’m not sure what they are playing at.”

Also mentioned by readers was Coombe Road in Wotton, where a sinkhole is currently expanding.

Wotton resident Sally Pegler said: “We in Wotton have a sinkhole.

“Water is currently running in and under it. The road has had to be closed and it’s getting deeper and wider every day.”

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson told the Gazette that they would be referring the potholes mentioned to their Highways teams. 

“We’re sorry that these potholes are causing concern and would like to thank these residents for bringing them to our attention,” a GCC spokesperson said. 

“We have experienced some of the coldest and wettest periods of weather for over 100 years and these conditions have caused a huge increase in potholes. 

“Our crews have been working flat out on gritting and carrying out repairs to ensure the network is kept safe.

“We are fixing high priority safety issues within one working day and other damage within 28 days, in line with national standards. 

“We’re also continuing our extensive road resurfacing programme around Gloucestershire as part of our additional £100 million investment in roads.” 

You can report potholes online at

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