A female invited to engineering clear day at SGS Berkeley Alternative

a female invited to engineering clear day at sgs berkeley alternative - A female invited to engineering clear day at SGS Berkeley Alternative
a female invited to engineering clear day at sgs berkeley alternative 2 - A female invited to engineering clear day at SGS Berkeley Alternative

This week Ian Mean, Business West Gloucestershire director, looks at how SGS Berkeley Green UTC may be inspiring girls to train appearing in engineering.

Andy Keenan is assistant decisivo at SGS Berkeley Tree covered UTC, an ex-RAF manufacture who believes that the young women engineering students can help fill the skills gap by using Gloucestershire.

“We have a massive skills big difference in engineering, and we have to get used to more women in engineering”, he tells me.

“The current uptake involved with engineering posts by moms is about 11 per cent.

“If we can close that girl or boy gap so that it was just about 50-50 the skills gap as part of engineering would be solved.

“The girls many here are so impressive. ”

Having have been aquainted with some of these girls, I extremely agree.

On the contrary Berkeley is not just about beginning girls in engineering, photographic camera and cyber skills, those boys are equally willing.

On the early morning I visited, I saw young adults arriving in buses such as all over Gloucestershire—many had journeyed up to an hour.

I was blown away by their bug as a tutor wished those good morning.

“Some of the students who fly here the furthest appear skipping and full of energy, ” says Andy, who demonstrates but is also responsible for this particular all important employer engagement because work experience.

Why am i are the Berkeley students simply just and there are now 300 honestly -so enthusiastic?

Well, they all want to be can be to learn.

Each and every one have made the conscious call – with family cater to – to take the plunge together with leave their secondary class.

“When which walk in here they can fork out 30-40 per cent of the time working something they love”, talks about Andy.

“Of course, they have to do maths, English and science however they spend large portions of the day doing hands-on system or coding.

“I think this is a idea forward. It is very similar to the In german model where they have colleges and universities with specific skill owning. ”

Imperturbable Lester, 15, from Gloucester, a former Newent Community School in general student, said: “The in order to study engineering here ended really great and I want to be a very engineer-designing and developing matters is what interests me.

“I left Newent Community School too because of the opportunities in technological innovation here.

“My dad’s an electrical engineer”.

Lauren Kingston, 17, who attended Archway Boarding school in Stroud, said: “In 2017, I had a vertebral operation and I missed quite a bit of school.

“When I learned more about you see, the opportunities here at Berkeley I believed it was so much a better suited for what I wanted to do.

“It is a lot more appropriate environment here at Berkeley.

“It is very dispassionate in a normal school but rather everyone here more or less figures out each other.

“The education you get is much better because of that. It feels like people in essence care here.

“My dad is an bring about at Renishaw and he offers you always taught me things about what he does to get job.

Olivia Bond, 14, who came to Sir William Romney’s School too in Tetbury and lives in Avening, said: “It was your career option – precisely where I wanted to go-which helped me choose to come to Berkeley.

“I want to do a process with digital and cyber, I like the idea of computer studying.

“There’s wider opportunities like GCHQ, I do like coding and everything to do with computers.

“It was a cash decision to leave Bill Romney because I now commuting and hour in the morning as well as the an hour in the afternoon.

“But my family are usually very supportive. ”

Mikayla Bingle, 15, who previously had Maidenhill School in Stonehouse, said: “My stepdad absolutely an agricultural design engineer and that i got a feel for engineering from him and I would now be able to be a bio-medical engineer.

“It would be producing prosthetics and machinery to handle tests in hospitals.

“The change from more often than not, a school to come here additionally the longer hours was a famous decision but I clearly think it was the right one. ”

Are you a woman in Year 8 properly 9 (aged 12-14)? Do you want to learn more on science, technology, engineering perhaps maths (STEM)?

SGS Berkeley Green UTC is running an open ceremony called Girls Into Energy solutions where you can take part in workshops perform by amazing companies to include Renishaw, Airbus, Deloitte, Atkins diet, Cyber Security Associates & GE Aviation.

Visitors can also hear a lady working in this exciting ámbito talk about their experiences additionally network with employers which people could be looking to give you a

job in a few years morning.

Talk to interested about your GCSE options as well opportunities in engineering and furthermore technology.

Comes together on Friday, May 26 from 9. 30am to three. 15pm at SGS Berkeley Green UTC, Gloucestershire Medicine and

Technological advances Park, Berkeley, GL13 9FB.

Please guide book a ticket for girls frequenting. No need to book for those coworking them.

Newsletter at

bit. ly/2HL327c

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