Gloucester trapped snake rescued ‘by stroking its chin’

Trapped snakeImage copyright Keith Lane
Image caption The animal became wedged in a gap near the entrance to a basement

A snake, trapped on a city street, was rescued by a “snake whisperer” who stroked it under the chin”.

The 1.5m-long boa constrictor was spotted at the entrance to a basement in Wellington Street, Gloucester, at about 14:00 BST.

It was reported to Gloucestershire Police, who called in city protection officer (CPO) Paul Cook.

He said the animal was frightened, and by stroking its “chin and belly” it relaxed, allowing it to be freed.

Mr Cook, who keeps snakes as a hobby, said the creature had “wedged itself in” to a gap near the entrance to a house’s coal cellar.

PC Mark Evans, from Gloucestershire Police, said the snake was hanging out of the grille when he arrived at the property, so Mr Cook’s assistance was sought as he was known to be a “snake whisperer”.

Gloucestershire Police said it was believed the snake had been abandoned.

They said it had been taken to a local reptile shop where it was being looked after.

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