Gloucester’s biggest drug dealing team jailed

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Andrew Venna and Matthew Cornwall Image copyright Gloucestershire Constabulary
Image caption Drug dealers Andrew Venna (left) and Matthew Cornwall (right) pleaded guilty with regard to charges relating to conspiracy to give drugs

One of Gloucester’s “biggest treatments dealers” was among 7 men jailed for bringing hundreds of thousands of pounds very well worth of cocaine into the place.

Pinoeer of the 11-man organised doing crime gang Andrew Venna, thirty four, was jailed for 12 years at Bristol Crown Courtyard for selling drugs introduced from London.

Venna and his congrega thought themselves “untouchable owing to law”, Gloucestershire Police told.

All eleven men pleaded guilty into charges relating to conspiracy offer drugs.

Mark caption The case mixed up 10kg and 13kg involved with cocaine worth around £400, 000

Police began an investigation premature last year, after violence in 2017 between Venna’s squadra and others in Gloucestershire.

Detectives talked it took six months to gather quite enough evidence to arrest in addition to the charge gang members.

They said Venna would order cocaine written by a supplier in London.

Couriers Granit Nanushi and as a consequence Orsid Cela, both anywhere from London, would then bring the drugs to Gloucester combined with meet Matthew Cornwall numerous various pre-arranged drop-off guidelines in the city.

The drugs got been then taken to addict Ed Bell, who police claimed would “test the quality of the many prior to payment being made”.

Cornwall might be pay the couriers inside of cash and the drugs may likely then be sold to several gang members who would present them to users in Stroud and Gloucester.

Image caption Det Insp Ian Fletcher said: “At least tough luck trips occurred and at very 2kg of cocaine was regarded as coming into the county on each occasion”

Det Insp Ian Fletcher said Venna was “one of the biggest drug sellers in Gloucester”.

“Andrew Venna deliberation he was above the law. That she thought he was operating at such a level that he could not get caught by the police, micron he said.

“He thought he was untouchable. He wasn’t. ”

Judge Billy Patrick commended the police investigate, adding: “I don’t have to identify the blight and hazards of cocaine on society and also it ruins people’s existence, health, and those close to customers. ”

And the gang members sentenced became:

  • Matthew Cornwall, 34, related with Discovery Road, Gloucester viewpoint jailed for 10 years
  • Andrew Venna, 34, of Partridge Close, Gloucester – jailed for 12 years and nine months
  • Granit Nanushi, 39, from London you need to jailed for eight extended
  • Orsid Tout cela, 28, from London a substantial jailed for three years
  • James Dawkins, 39, of Butterrow Hill, Stroud – jailed for six years nine months
  • Aaron Baker, 2, of The Bridle, Stroud how to pick jailed for years and ninety days
  • Daniel Payne, 22, of Moseley Crescent, Stroud – jailed for 3 years six months
  • Edward Bell, 44, from Badminton Road, Gloucester a considerable jailed for three years
  • Ryan Reese, veinticinco, of Finlay Road, Gloucester – jailed for 21 years old months
  • John Reeves, 27, of Lodgemore Lane, Stroud – jailed for four years
  • Leroy Slater, 39, of Wellington Street, Gloucester – jailed for hunting for years and two months

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