Gloucestershire Royal Hospital woes

I AM 84yrs old and in the past 2 years have required surgery for bowel and liver carcinoma.

The bowel operation was undertaken at Cheltenham Hospital by a Consultant Surgeon from Gloucester Hospital and I have remained under his care.

I now have follow up scans performed in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

I am due for a scan in the near future and consequently require blood tests.

Due to the closure of Cirencester Path Lab I have been advised to attend my GP Surgery to arrange this test. However, this is not possible because requests from Gloucester cannot be accepted by the Surgeries and therefore I need to have this done at Gloucester.

To get to Gloucester I travel by taxi because there is no direct bus route to Glos.Hospital and if I use the Cheltenham bus I need to catch another bus in Chelt. to Glos.Hospital. This is impossible because I am only able to walk very short distances. Hence the taxi.

If I get a taxi then the cost will be £70+ additional waiting time.

I was under the impression that Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals were now under the same umbrella so why this discrimination? and what is the thinking behind this? what next will be closed?

This decision must be causing a great deal of concern to local residents .

Mrs DS


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