Great Western Air Ambulance Charity issues statement on Avonmouth explosion

great western air ambulance charity issues statement on avonmouth explosion - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity issues statement on Avonmouth explosion

Air ambulance crew fought to try and save the lives of those killed in an explosion in Avonmouth today.

Four people died following an explosion at the Wessex Water recycling centre in Kings Weston Lane.

A crew of expert clinicians from Great Western Air Ambulance Charity responded to the incident. Lead doctor, Ed Valentine, and a specialist paramedic in critical care were dispatched to the scene at 11:20am.

A spokesperson for the air ambulance said: “Dr Valentine led the air ambulance response on scene, assessing multiple casualties.

“As a critical care response team, our crew are often called to serious incidents and traumatic injuries and they are all highly trained in pre-hospital emergency medicine to ensure that those in need are given the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

“Sadly, they were unable to do such today, despite their best efforts alongside our emergency service colleagues.

“Our thoughts and best wishes go to all those involved and affected by today’s tragic incident, and thanks to all of our fellow emergency service colleagues who pulled together to do all that was possible.”

Anna Perry, CEO of the air ambulance charity, said: “We are so grateful to the communities in our region for supporting GWAAC. It is their support that enables our crew to train and prepare for incidents like these, and to be ready to respond when needed. This gives the people who live and work in our region the best possible chance when something unthinkable like this happens.”

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