Growing fears for road safety after kittens killed by speeding motorists

growing fears for road safety after kittens killed by speeding motorists 1 - Growing fears for road safety after kittens killed by speeding motorists

There are growing concerns about road safety in Cirencester after one lady saw two of her kittens killed within two months.

Both pets were killed after being hit by cars in Chesterton Lane, where residents are increasingly worried about safety due to drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit.

Suzie Hurst, 39, fears a child could be hit next, after her two kittens – Miya, aged one, and Willa, almost 11 months – died after collisions.

“Willa’s pelvis was twisted and the injuries were so severe that that the vet said they hadn’t seen injuries like this before so there’s no way the driver was doing the speed limit.”

The self-employed dog walker added: “Animals is one thing but it could be children. The road is catered for families but the speeding doesn’t reflect that. There’s a bus stop where children get off and there’s no zebra crossing by it and visibility is hindered by so many people parked on the side.

“A lot of pets have been killed, a friend’s cat has been killed too. The introduction of speed cameras could help or the electronic ‘smiley face sign,’ which tells you if you’re going too fast or not.”

Roly Hughes, councillor for the Chesterton ward, said: “For many years I have complained to Highways and the police about the speeding in this area – some motorists don’t even slow down for the zebra crossing, close to Vyners Close, and at times you have to take your life in your hands when crossing.

“It’s dangerous for parents who are trying to get young children to school, crossing from Meadow Court over to the Oaklands – perhaps something can be put there to slow traffic down.

“It would be nice to have the speed limit reduced and another traffic controlled island somewhere along this route, also the parking on the left as you go down Chesterton Lane doesn’t help either, just by the junction of Bathurst Road. It’s a nightmare.”

The residents speaking out now comes a month after a man had a lucky escape from serious injury in Chesterton Lane when his Mazda flipped over.

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