Heartbreak after six puppies stolen from Stroud home

Six puppies have been stolen from a family in Stroud.

The dogs, all just five weeks old, were stolen from Abbie Sole and her family yesterday, after thieves broke into their secure kennels at their home at The Camp near Stroud.

Police confirmed the suspects broke a window to gain access and take the puppies.

A grey Mercedes Sprinter van was seen driving suspiciously in the area shortly before the theft took place.

Posting on Facebook, Abbie said: “We have had six Sprocker Spaniels stolen from our secure kennels in broad daylight!

“They were not advertised and are only five weeks old.

“We are heartbroken and just hope that whoever has taken them is keeping them safe and fed. How can people be so heartless.

“We are an honest working family whose lives revolve around our dogs. It’s just awfully sad that someone so evil and desperate has done this to our family. Please share this far and wide to help us get them back.”

Three black and white females, one roan male, one black male and one black female were stolen from the family.

A number of dogs have been reported stolen in the last few months and police have urged people to remain vigilant.

There are a number of ways that you can help protect your dogs:

-Keep an ID tag on your dog at all times (your surname, mobile number and address only)
-Secure gates using bolts at the top and bottom, along with a heavy-duty padlock and gate alarm
-Never leave your pet in the garden unattended
-Purchase a driveway alarm so you are alerted to any intruders, these can also be used in rear gardens and yards
-Make sure your dog is micro chipped and their details are updated so that they can be returned if they are stolen and subsequently found.
-Avoid leaving a dog tied up outside a shop or left alone in a car, even for a few minutes
-Take lots of photographs of your dog to prove ownership if it’s stolen, pay particular attention to any distinguishing markings on your dog.
-You can also prevent theft on walks by varying walk times and locations and being suspicious of strangers who ask questions about your dog. Make a note of any suspicious, loitering vehicles

Anyone with information about the latest theft in Stroud should contact Gloucestershire Police quoting incident 261 of September 23.

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