HMS Pinafore and democracy in Britain

I am appalled.

Campaigning is the bedrock of democracy.

Where would Siobhan be without the Suffragette campaigns?

Behind the kitchen sink?

Campaigns led to the abolition of slavery; the end of the death penalty; equality for disabled people, for ethnic minorities, for LGBT people, and most reforms throughout history.

Looking at her voting record I am reminded of Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty in Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera ‘HMS Pinafore’. Of his days as an MP he sang:

‘I always voted at my party’s call

And never thought of thinking for myself at all.

I thought so little they rewarded me

By making me the ruler of the Queen’s navy’

What reward will Siobhan get for her thoughtless refusal to engage with those of her constituents who want to make the world a better place?

Mary Brown,


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