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Starring Jessica Ransom as Judy, this production reunites the original creative team, led by Theatre Clwyd Artistic Director and Co-Director Designate of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tamara Harvey.

It is co-directed by Hannah Noone, with design by Olivier award-winner Anna Fleischle, lighting by Lucy Carter, sound design by Tom Gibbons and choreography by Charlotte Broom.

The set is classically fifties with sunburst mirror, patterned wall paper and big fridge and kitchen cupboards.

Judy has decided to enter into a social experiment with her husband Johnny played beautifully by Neil McDermott where they try to live as if they were still in their idea of the fifties where the man goes out to work and the wife stays at home and makes house.

This gingham paradise appears to be perfection to Judy and Johnny but as the play unfolds cracks begin to appear – they cannot afford to pay the mortgage and Jonny’s eyes begin to wander much to the chagrin of Judy.

The depth of their love for one another is magical even though their lifestyle looks horrific for a modern woman and it all crumbles before they realise the true path to contentment is shared responsibilities and roles.

Neil McDermott is superb as the husband Johnny and Jessica Ransom is equally good as his wife Judy bringing moments of great hilarity as the unusual set up unfolds.

This is a play which makes the audience question their own priorities and position in life – doing everything a good play should do.

Many of the themes reveal just how anachronistic such a lifestyle is nowadays while Judy’s mother Sylvia played by Diane Keen gives a look back to Judy’s unconventional childhood living in a countryside commune.

There are plenty of opportunities for humour as we look and laugh at life in the faux-fifties. Both female and male audience members are both made to question their own position in society.

This is a proper play acted superbly by the cast and made all the better by the fifties soundtrack which pervades the action.

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