Home owners considering legal action over ‘broken promises’

home owners considering legal action over broken promises 1 - Home owners considering legal action over 'broken promises'

Residents of a new housing development have revealed they are considering legal action after being left completely ‘let-down’ by the developers and the subsequent maintenance company.

Homeowners in Rodford Ride, the newly built site in the place of the old Rodford Primary School, have expressed their disappointment that they have not received what they paid for since they moved in.

When the development was finished just over two years ago, developers Bellway handed the site over to property maintenance company SDL.

According to residents, the development was far from finished.

Since 2017, people who live in the road have been charged maintenance costs by SDL.

“Each house is charged a different price depending on how big the plot is,” Tom Dereszynski, one of the residents to contact the Gazette said.

“We bought our house here quite early on in the development process, we were one of the first to move.

“The pictures we were shown of what the area would look like was beautiful and then when Bellway left and SDL came in, it looked nothing like what we were promised.”

When talking about the site maintenance, Tom revealed that he and other residents had refused to pay the second annual payment to SDL because they had done nothing for the whole of the first year.

“We didn’t see anyone from SDL, so I told them that I was not going to pay them for the second year and after some argument they agreed to put the payment on hold,” he explained.

“I believe that a lot of other residents did pay them on that occasion, but when we all received the third fee this year we decided to dispute it again.”

There are places where the kerbs have sloped away into the grass, rubbish has been dumped and bushes and weeds have been allowed to grow out of control.

There is also one place where a large electrical wire is sticking out of the ground as well as a broken sink that has been dumped in a bush.

It is believed that Bellway informed potential buyers that there would be a management company for the site.

They informed residents that the council would not maintain the area and that SDL would take over for a small maintenance fee.

“We signed the deal because the area all looked good in the pictures and what Bellway were offering,” Tom continued.

“In my view Bellway are the biggest ones to blame because they have not provided what they sold to us and other residents.

“After discussions some residents are considering legal action against them over false advertisement for the way they have dealt with development.”

“We just feel let down, we don’t know who to trust anymore because nothing has happened with it for a while now. We want the service we are paying for.”

SDL released a statement on the situation, a spokesperson said: “Since taking over the management of this site, the residents made us aware that they were concerned about how the landscaping had been handed over, and how this could be improved and maintained going forwards.”

“We have been working with the developer to resolve any issues and will continue to do so.

“We totally understand how important this is to our residents, we have had a number of meetings and we are in regular contact.

“We are encouraging residents to form a committee so that they can take an active role in the maintenance of the development.”

Bellway have been contacted for comment.

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