How Cotswold MP voted in Boris Johnson’s confidence ballot

Politicians in the Cotswolds have criticised Boris Johnson after he narrowly survived a vote of no confidence on Monday.

MPs voted 211 in favour of the Prime Minister and 148 against, meaning Mr Johnson will not be ousted from his role.

The vote was triggered after 54 Tory MPs submitted letters of no confidence to the party’s 1922 Committee.

MP for the Cotswolds, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, is treasurer of the 1922 Committee and voted against the PM.

“I feel the country needs a change in direction,” he told BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

“It’s now up to Boris Johnson to prove he can unite the country.

“He’s got to include all of us, make sure he’s talking to all of us, getting our views and then come up with that vision for the country of where he wants to take us.

“He needs to set that out very clearly because I’m not sure people really know what he wants to achieve.

“I’m a democrat. He won a huge majority at the General Election, he won the vote yesterday. I will now support him but he has got to give us that leadership.

“He’s got to up his game and do a better job. During the Covid pandemic and the Ukraine war he’s done not a bad job.

“But we’ve got to deal with serious problems at home now, the cost of living is serious for every family. He’s got to demonstrate he’s got the policies to deal with these deep-seated problems.

“He has the wherewithal to achieve some great things. What I want to see is that he wakes up to this vote and actually produces some of those things.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for the Cotswolds, has previously called on Sir Geoffrey to press for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

“148 Conservative MPs voted against Boris Johnson. I applaud them for standing up for decency against the only British Prime Minister in office ever to be charged with a crime,” he said.

“But he has survived and is terribly wounded. This is an awful result for the country and I know that many people on the doorsteps in the Cotswolds want change.

“Only a General Election will sweep away this uncertainty and give us a clean start with people who put service to the community first.”

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