How Stroud MP voted in lockdown funding motion

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie voted against yesterday’s Additional Covid-19 Restrictions: Fair Economic Support motion.

The motion, put forward by the Labour Party, called for a ‘fair one nation deal’ to give areas being moved into higher local restrictions the financial support they need to support businesses and workers affected.

It included increasing furlough payments to workers from 66 per cent to 80 per cent and giving additional support to businesses which may have to close or would lose business.

It followed the breakdown in negotiations between the Government and Greater Manchester, with Labour leader Keir Starmer accusing the Government of treating the North with “contempt”.

The motion was voted down by 340 votes to 261.

England football star Marcus Rashford’s bid to extend free school meals over the holidays was dealt a blow after MPs voted against the measure last night.

Siobhan Baillie did not vote.

Manchester United player Marcus Rashford urged politicians to “unite” to protect the most vulnerable children and vowed to continue campaigning, writing on Twitter: “For as long as they don’t have a voice, they will have mine.”

He released a statement after Labour’s motion, which called for the scheme to be extended over school holidays until Easter 2021, was defeated by 261 votes to 322 – a majority of 61.

Downing Street ruled out performing a late U-turn ahead of the vote, with Boris Johnson also telling Prime Minister’s Questions: “We support kids on low incomes in school and we will continue to do so.

“But the most important thing is to keep them in school and not tear off into another national lockdown taking them out of school.

“We will continue to use the benefits system and all the systems of income to support children throughout the holidays as well.”

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