Huge opposition to parking permits in Stroud

PEOPLE in Stroud are opposing plans to introduce parking permits in the town.

Gloucestershire County Council conducted an informal consultation at the end of last year asking residents and businesses for their views on new proposals to free up parking spaces for households.

This consultation focused on the residential areas to the north and south east of the town centre.

And the aim of the consultation was to gather information, local expertise and opinion within the community regarding parking.

However, a petition signed by more than 160 residents against the introduction of permits was handed in to county council this month.

Gloucestershire County Councillor David Drew (Lab, Stroud) said: “I’m delighted to hand this petition over from residents in the Horns Road area.

“I was quite surprised when I inherited this particular process that it involves nearly every road in the Stroud town central division.

“This is an enormous undertaking. I accept that the people organising it are very open minded and willing to enter into dialogue but people have now spoken.

“They do not want permit parking and I think that should be respected. I hope we can move the process on and that it is a little bit less painful than we’ve been through already.”

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