Is 3 network down? Reports of Three mobile internet data and service issues

3 (Three) customers have reported outage issues with their mobile and internet data and service connection.

Reports first began to appear on Down Detector, a service for reporting website outages, around 6.16am on December 11.

The most affected areas appear to be Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow and Sheffield.

Over 300 customers appear to be affected by the 3 (Three) outage with 79% of reports linked to mobile connection and internet connection issues.

Meanwhile 8% of customers have reported a “total blackout” via Down Detector.

3 (Three) mobile connection and internet service issues

Three does not currently have any warnings about loss of service or mobile internet data connection via the website’s Network status checker.

But 3 (Three) has responded to several affected customers via Twitter describing “coverage issues”.

The ThreeUKSupport account said: “We’re aware of the coverage issues and these have been flagged as a priority to our team. We’re currently working on getting this back up and ready for our customers.”


It appears some 3 (Three) mobile customers lost 4G internet connection from Friday evening.

One Three customer said: “Is there some kind of outage with 3? My 4G on my phone seems to have gone down since Friday and 24 hours later is still down.

“The bars are showing but when I try to load YouTube, twitch Jr Twitter everything takes an age and images / thumbnails refuse to load.”

Another report via Down Detector included: “I just lost whole 3 network”.

One customer told Down Detector: “I lost connection with Three near Glasgow. Nothing works!”

Another said: “I have lost all connections with 3 here in Manchester, no 5G, 4G no hotspot or anything, it was working until around 07:30.”

When will the 3 (Three) mobile network outage be fixed?

One customer appears to have been told via 3 (Three)’s customer support service that the mobile company does “not have a time frame” for when issues will be fixed.

The message from a customer support assistant reads: “We are aware of this and working to fix this issue at the earliest and I wish I could have been able to help you however this is an unexpected situation for Three which is the reason you are facing issue while using internet, which has been affected for many other users, our engineeers are working on this and we do not have a time frame as of now, but be rest assured this is affected for all users and will be fixed at the earliest.”

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