Is it right putting Mariah Caulfield as minister for women?

At a time when the world is facing environmental and societal collapse, when population is growing faster than ever and is about to top 8 billion, when all our children are hostages to the future, the Government chooses to appoint Maria Caulfield as Minister for Women.

Caulfield has a record of opposition to abortion. She has voted in favour of cutting the 24-week abortion limit, and has opposed buffer zones outside clinics.

Harriet Wistrich, head of Centre for Women’s Justice, says that the group is ‘horrified’ that a clear opponent of abortion rights is in that role. ‘The vast majority of women want the right to choose’, she said.

‘Her appointment signals a potential restriction of women’s reproductive rights which in turn is an attack on women’s autonomy and freedom.’

The Government should be clear that.a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion is not under threat.

Roger Plenty,


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