Rash Feet’s farewell performance

rash feets farewell performance - Rash Feet's farewell performance
rash feets farewell performance 1 - Rash Feet's farewell performance

Stonehouse’s Itchy Feet Dance Crew shall be performing its final act on This summer 28 with a curtain call befitting of a 41-year history in showbusiness.

Spanning two generations, the mum-and-daughter team of Diane Painter and Jaye Marshall encounter inspired hundreds of local people to take to the level and enjoy dance.

Planned to attend classes 1978, Diane had the idea of starting the group as a way of providing revealing and support to those wishing to past competitively.

When boy Jaye followed in her mum’s footsteps to become a talented young musician in her own right, she quite joined the team, helping to encourage the next generation of dancers from Gloucestershire.

Jaye very quickly saw the potential for Itchy Feet on the way to host its own talent show as 2009, the inaugural Believe n’ Achieve took place which saw dancers from the age of five to 55 take part.

Now the possibility has come for Jaye to practice her own theatrical career which has discovered her perform in the London this summer Olympic Opening Ceremony and several Western End shows including The X Factor Armónico.

But before Jaye brain for the bright lights of Newcastle and farewells her home state altogether, she has one last offer to organise and she is looking for an individual’s help to raise funds for the on your mind involved producing the show.

If you can help get in touch with Jaye at Itchy Feet. Tickets are available



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