Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence after planning permission appeal

The long-running and highly published dispute with the local authority has captivated audiences around the country.

Mr Clarkson, who appears in Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime, is interested in expanding the size of his car park and wants to include other features to his farm shop near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

The former BBC Top Gear presenter has gained a mixed reaction from locals with many welcoming the move and others less than impressed.

For almost three years, Mr Clarkson has been the focus of a TV show about his running of a farm in the English countryside.

The first season aired in 2021 and followed the presenter as he tried to learn about the business and grapple with the challenges most farmers face.

With the rise in national attention, workers at Clarkson’s Farm have allegedly started wearing body cameras after abuse from some locals.

It was reported that the teenage workers on Jeremy Clarkson’s farm are having to wear body cameras after directed “abuse”.

This comes as many remain divided over the Diddly Squat Farm Shop and proposed expansions.

One user deemed the tourists attracted to the area “motorheads” who drive slowly on surrounding roads to “show off their cars”.

However, a worker at a catering truck on the farm said such a description was “unfair”.

She added: “Diddly Squat has an important opportunity to educate people about local farming and I find it really frustrating that the council is overlooking that.

“This is a massive, massive opportunity for WODC. I am begging you that this is something that can be improved on rather than turn your back on.”

Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence after planning permission appeal hearing

After launching an appeal which resulted in a meeting this week, Mr Clarkson responded to Twitter users.

One fan asked: “Jeremy, did you go to the hearing? How did it go?” to which Clarkson responded: “The coverage makes it sound like a civil war is raging. The truth: a compromise will be reached”.

To another user asking his thoughts on the appeal, he simply said: “Fingers crossed”.

Season two of Clarkson’s Farm is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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