John Light escapes ‘endurance’ of a Cotswold February

john light escapes endurance of a cotswold february 1 - John Light escapes 'endurance' of a Cotswold February

Should I have claimed a spell on holiday and not sent in a column this week?

This thought did cross my mind but ever thoughtful of my readers I continue writing. My table is again in the shade of a palm tree and a refreshing Banks beer is keeping me refreshed in the 28 degree temperature.

Being a thoughtful soul I must admit that your endurance of a Cotswold February may be stretched to the limit so to those of you who are beset by sweeping rain and snow be sure my thoughts are with you, albeit briefly, and perhaps an account of our holiday in the sun will lessen your displeasure at cold winds, snow, frost and ice.

Of course you have the encouraging prospect of the nights getting lighter.

Darkness falls quickly here, by seven o’clock in fact and it is usually preceded by glorious sunsets.

Happy hour at the bar commences at 6pm and we watch the sun go down accompanied by a rum punch and Mrs Light occasionally has a margarita, her favourite cocktail.

The beginning of each day is special.

There is never any rush, or for those of you familiar with true Gloucestershire vocabulary, scaut.

We get up when we choose, Penny having no 8am service, and think about breakfast.

Within 200 yards of our hotel there are at least half a dozen charming and economic venues.

Service may not be swift but who cares?

My favourite choice is pancakes, either with maple syrup or blueberries whilst Mrs Light samples a variety of omelettes.

The choice to have a full English is quite easily resisted but many fellow British holiday makers succumb.

Last year I was un-complementary about tattoos and tums but there are fewer this year or perhaps I am more tolerant.

Breakfast is followed by a gentle stroll, either the length of St Lawrence Gap or along the beach.

Of course somewhere on our journey there will be a stop for coffee, a different venue every time, and perhaps a chat with the many interesting people always to be found.

Lunch is light and seafood based and an afternoon nap may be needed after such a strenuous morning.

The hotel provides tea and cake at 4pm, a convivial gathering with fellow guests, after that it is soon time for ‘happy hour’ another taxing day then gives way to a stunning evening.

Scoobies Jazz Bar here we come!

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