JOHN LIGHT: We must support our local newspapers

john light we must support our local newspapers - JOHN LIGHT: We must support our local newspapers
john light we must support our local newspapers 2 - JOHN LIGHT: We must support our local newspapers

MY scribblings, thoughts, hopes and dreams that appear in this newspaper give my life in this county an extra purpose and I am very grateful to Newsquest newspapers for the opportunity, but I am much more grateful to them for another reason.

There is, in every edition, advice on how to find exciting ways of enjoying oneself in this splendid county. May Day fun advised us of festivals, carnivals, fleece fayres and special car boot sales. The website gave information on the best places for seeking bluebells.

I pride myself on my knowledge of this county and if I ever sit in the Mastermind chair my special subject would be England bounded by Bath, Cinderford, and Stratford on Avon, Oxford and Swindon.

However, I am realising how much I do not know.

Reading the features on what to do or see in Gloucestershire is such an eye opening experience and I urge every reader to regularly read it. So many delights are there, and they are easily accessible.

Mrs Light and I have just enjoyed a wonderful Tuesday. We parked easily and early and then headed into the bustling Moreton-in-Marsh market. (Two shirts, 12 pairs of socks and some sweet peas). Following a mid morning brunch we headed for Batsford Arboretum.

Local newspapers have many functions not just for residents but for visitors and tourists as well. Informing us all in what is happening and making some selections this newspaper excels.

Then of course are the photographs that follow. They are bright and colourful, capturing the essence of the events they portray. From the Thames at Lechlade to the winding Severn, the vigour, variety and excitement of our county is portrayed.

I am told life is becoming difficult for the printed media. Don’t you believe it. It offers so much for so many.

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