Kemble news: Vacancy on parish council

kemble news vacancy on parish council - Kemble news: Vacancy on parish council

ANOTHER communication from -network Rail has been received for residents that the work if you want to stabilise the rock slope in the Kemble tunnel local community will probably carry on from The end of the year 11 and 12 by way of Friday, December 18, require dates could possibly change.

This just to inform villagers to be aware that chainsaws and pneumatic drills will be used during the period of 11pm and 8am.

ACCOUNT from the extraordinary meeting about the Kemble and Ewen parish council held on 12 , 8.

There were over 40 including households zooming into the visiting about the on-going saga with regards to the car parking.

The action out from the meeting was for the recliner Roger Pettit and councillor George Collins to comply with a further discussion with the GCC .

There is a notice from the returning officer Cotswold District Authorities of a openings for a councillor for Kemble and Ewen Parish council due to the resignation of Sohrab Soradjee.

The vacancy will be full by election if a interest from 10 local government electors for the parish is had within 14 days of the first date of notice.

The request appears to be received by January six, 2021.

If a request by 16 electors is not received since date given, the parish council may fill my vacancy by co-option that can be done several times in the past.

THERE will be a definite Holy Communion service towards Somerford Keynes at 11am this Sunday.

Christmas lessons and Carols by Zoom at 7pm. See website for web site link.

Holiday Eve at 9. 30am online Family Nativity from 7pm Christmas Eve blowout see thamesheadchurches. org. uk/services for link.

CHRISTMAS Day features will be held in Poole Keynes at 9. 30am as well as in Somerford Keynes at dez. 30am and Kemble over at 10am in church and in addition online see website in support of link.

At present all the face to face features are ‘said’ services through restrictions on singing work as relaxed.

The subscription for the parish news in 2021 will continue at £5 for the annum and will be collected in the New Year.

Cheques should be made payable for PCC Thames Head Benefice No 2 A/C.

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