Kidnap suspect Robert Hall, 36, of Leonard Stanley appears in court

A 36 year old Leonard Stanley man charged with trying to kidnap a 13 year old girl in Chalford last week has today been remanded in custody pending an appearance at Gloucester crown court on July 6th.

Robert Hall, from Leonard Stanley, made a brief appearance before Cheltenham Magistrates this afternoon accused of taking the girl against her will on June 2.

May Li prosecuting said the incident happened at 5.30pm last Tuesday on a path used by runners and was near to the canal and local woodland.

The charge was not put to Hall at today’s hearing and he did not indicate any plea.

District Judge Joti Bopa Rai said to Hall: “It has already been pointed out to you that this is a very serious allegation involving a petrified young girl.

“I will be sending this case up to Gloucester Crown Court. If you are convicted of this offence you will be serving a long period in custody.

“Therefore I am refusing the bail application and you are remanded in custody until the case is heard at the crown court on July 6.”

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