King Charles and COP 27

You don’t have to be a Royalist to be deeply concerned by the government’s attempts to stop King Charles going to the COP27 environmental summit in November.

Anyone who loves nature will be worried by what appears to be an attempt to minimise the media coverage of the event.

If the King were to speak at the conference it would draw massive attention to the scale of the environmental crisis – and our government’s part in it; no wonder Ms Truss doesn’t want him to go.

But if you are a Royalist, you will be equally concerned, by this blatant and unprecedented attempt to neuter the role of the monarchy.

Since many Conservative voters are both royalists and nature lovers, it seems bizarre that the government is willing to alienate its own supporter base by diminishing both the authority of the King and the attention being paid to ongoing crimes against the environment.

Sue Fenton, member of Stroud District Green Party

Bisley Road, Stroud

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