Lady Bathurst distances herself from Cirencester Park plans

Lady Bathurst has distanced herself from controversial plans to fit automatic gate closers and charge tourists for access to Cirencester Park.

The Bathurst Estate has asked Cotswold District Council for permission to fit the gate closers, electric keeps and keypads to existing pedestrian gates at Cecily Hill, The Old Kennels, Windsor Walk, and Barton Lane.

They say access to the park will remain free for Cirencester residents but they expect to off-set the rising costs of improving the car park and visitor centre onto visitors who come from elsewhere.

The automation of the existing pedestrian gates would remove the need for staff to physically unlock and lock the gates each day.

And the estate says this will allow them to focus on the upkeep of the park and preventing damage and littering.

But the proposals have not been popular with many residents.

In a Facebook post, Lady Bathurst said she was uncomfortable with the growing belief that it was all her doing.

She said it had led to some of the worst online bullying against her that she’s ever experienced.

“These access changes were not my idea, nor were they, my decision,” she said.

“If truth be told, they were also not my choice- but the decision was made and as I have no say in the management of the estate, there was nothing I could do.

“The abuse over the last few days has been personal, extremely painful and deeply upsetting.

“The Bathurst Estate is the author of the initiative and I do not want to have the blame laid at my door.”

District planners are expected to consider the proposals by June 3, 2021.

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