Lady Bathurst’s cannon balls stolen from Cirencester Park

LADY Bathurst has blasted thieves who stole 20 historic cannon balls from in front of her Cirencester Park mansion.

And she has now issued a plea for their safe return.

Taking to social media to ask for help, she wrote: “Very sadly, an individual, or individuals saw fit to enter our private garden and steal the 20 or so canon balls from underneath our two canons, right in front of our home and even worse, not far from where we sleep.

“A couple of points: I know there are a lot more important things going on right now, and a bunch of old canon balls possibly won’t rate very highly in anyone’s present list of priorities, but the fact is these people entered our garden, with unkindness and evil in their hearts – and I find that deeply distressing, violating, and unsettling.

“It’s the sort of thing that makes us want to lock the gates to the entire estate and never see anyone ever again.

“It’s extremely personal when something like this happens, and I am naturally very upset.

“Secondly, they are historic family artefacts and belong with the original canons – again I am extremely saddened to think people could stoop so low.

“If anyone, or anyone you know (antique dealers or scrap dealers may mention it in passing – it’s quite an unusual thing to see), is offered these canon balls in exchange for money, we would be extremely grateful if they could contact us, or the police, who are also aware.

“There about 20 of them. And they are the ones seen in the attached picture (obviously that’s not all of them).

“They are approximately 6” in diameter and painted in a gloss black paint, with a bit of iron rust here or there.

“Thank you and please forgive the rant, but this sort of thing completely bewilders me.

“Lady B, Cirencester Park.”

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