Lockdown has made us all appreciate the country

lockdown has made us all appreciate the country - Lockdown has made us all appreciate the country

It really has been a strange year but I have been really impressed by the way our personal community has reacted toward the Covid epidemic, supporting family and making sure vulnerable residents have adequate supplies.

It would be invidious to single out individuals only our trans-generational response community has been exemplary, helped across no small measure at church and other groups.

Much of our traders have stepped extremely fast too, and found different ways created by providing essential services.

I know a person grateful for the support they have personally had in return from customers, I would hope going forward of support continues.

The reopening belonging to the Crown in December was short lived but did receive excellent support from the Eat Over scheme in the summer.

The recreational demands on the Commons has been a bit less welcome, with increased erosion and as well , damage.

However , the awareness promote to slow traffic includes contributed to a significant reduction in cows deaths, down to just several this year. So yes, it can do make sense to drive more slowly.

Within the built-up areas of the town and outlying villages speeding vehicles are already more of an issue. Social distancing has inevitably meant that pavage are not wide enough to manage, and the necessary use of the rd itself by pedestrians hasn’t already always been recognised by thoughtless impatient behaviour of selfish drivers.

To conclude may I wish your all a safe and comfortable holiday.

Take care to recognise risk, since spare a thought for some in more constrained circumstances. Its privilege of living from which we do, in scenic countryside, has never been more important. Never before take it for granted.

Very best wishes upon behalf all at the parish council.

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