‘Lone’ horse safe from ‘dangerous water levels’ after huge appeal to find owner

After a huge appeal yesterday orchestrated by ‘The Severn Bore’, a lone horse tied up and at risk of getting caught up in a rising tide, has been moved.

The response was incredible after the group put up a picture of the forlorn looking animal stood in deep water.

The river seemingly almost level with the field, which would have left the horse in possibly big trouble. 

lone horse safe from dangerous water levels after huge appeal to find owner - 'Lone' horse safe from 'dangerous water levels' after huge appeal to find owner

The area the horse was left

Posting the update on their Facebook page they said: “Didn’t see the horse down by the river this evening which was good to see!

“Down stream the bore was visible as it pushed its way up through a swollen river right from down by the Old Passage past Newhnam on Severn and on past the White Hart at Broadoak.

“Here the bore picked up to around waist height looking good in the early moon light!

“This will be a great spot to view the Severn bore as the tides get bigger this week”

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