Machine fault sees parking fees suspended at Kemble Station

A parking company has been accused of ‘lining their pockets at our expense’ after two members of the same family were wrongly issued fines at Kemble Station.

Graham Platford, 74, parked at the station on May 12 and paid for a ticket. But three weeks later received a £50 fine from APCOA Parking, alleging he had parked without displaying a valid proof of payment.

Graham had kept his ticket and was able to get the charge cancelled after he appealed, but a month later the exact same thing happened to his sister-in-law Sue.

“They are having a laugh,” said Graham, a non-practising solicitor.

“Lining their pockets at our expense.”

Mr Platford believes many people may be affected and will end up paying because it’s easier to pay than arguing their case.

APCOA say that enforcement has been suspended since June 16, but the problem is yet to be fixed.

Graham now wants to warn others to keep hold of their tickets if using the station.

“I tend to keep my receipts but not many people do,” he said.

“If we hadn’t been able to show them we had the ticket they would have dismissed the challenge.

“I wonder how many others. That car park used to be absolutely rammed, these days it’s not as full.”

APCOA manages 1.3 million parking spaces across 12 countries. A spokesperson said: “We are aware of a current issue with the payment machine at Kemble station and are working to rectify it.

“In the meantime, enforcement has been suspended and we would ask any customers who believe they have been unfairly issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to follow the instructions on the PCN to appeal it so we can review and resolve their individual case.”

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