Malmesbury has one of most haunted hotels in the UK

According to new data, Malmesbury is host to one of the most haunted hotels throughout the entire country.

This data was collated by car maintenance brand Simoniz which collected information on some of the UK’s most known haunted hotels and places.

The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury was twenty-second on the list, achieving a spooky score of 44 (out of 100) and witnessing 377 paranormal records. 

Several other hotels in the South West also made the most haunted list.  

The Black Swan in Devizes (17), Little Dean in Cinderford (29) and The Ragged Cot in Minchinhampton (52) all featured as some of the most haunted hotels in the UK.

This database was created after Simoniz reviewed paranormal activity in every region and cross-referenced all UK hotels for reviews which mentioned paranormal activity.

As well as recording the most haunted hotels, the car maintenance brand also noted which type of paranormal activity and ghosts were most common in each area.

In the South West, a female apparition was said to be the most common ghost sighting.

This also happens to be the most common ghost sighting for the UK.

More information about how Simoniz created the list can be found here:





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