Malmesbury named among the best places to live post-pandemic

After spending more time at home during the pandemic, many of us have reflected on what we want out of the place we live in.

Garrington Property Finders’ yearly league table rates approximately 1400 English and Welsh cities, towns, and villages based on four criteria: natural beauty, architectural beauty, quality of life, and environmental credentials.

Ranking in 14th place was the town of Malmesbury.

Salisbury was also ranked as the 3rd best place to live in the UK, and Wilton also came in 7th place.

But what makes Malmesbury special?

We’ve done a bit of digging, and the marvellous market town has countless assets that make it unique.

Its origins date back to the middle of the sixth century after the Saxons wrested final control over this part of the country from the Britons.

Malmesbury is actually the oldest borough in England, with a charter given by Alfred the Great around 880.

According to BBC History, the 16th-century writer, Leland said: ‘The toun of Malmesbyri stondith on the very toppe of a greate slaty rok, and ys wonderfully defended by nature.’

Malmesbury is known for its access to the great outdoors, with the river Avon almost completely surrounding the town.

But it’s not just mother nature which makes the town stand out.

There are plenty of things you can do if you aren’t a fan of country walks. Malmesbury has a stunning abbey, attracting visitors from all over.

Michael from Derby described the abbey as an ‘awesome building’ on Tripadvisor.

He added: “Although this church is largely in ruins, the remaining parts are absolutely beautiful and well-cared-for by the townspeople. Just wandering around the interior is awe-inspiring and a wonderful experience.”

The town isn’t short of options for the foodie types, either.

Whately Manor is ranked as one of being one of the best places to eat (as well as stay in) in the town.

Caroline from Tintagel described it as being ‘beyond excellence.’

She said: “I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have travelled the world and eaten in some of the finest restaurants.

“I can honestly say that the Taster Menu at the Dining Room was the best dining experience of my life.

“The precision, the subtle flavours, texture, presentation and originality was nothing short of sensational.”


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