Humans, 28, stalked and suggested Leyhill prison officer he dated

A 28-year-old man what kind of person stalked and harassed our former lover, a Leyhill Open Prison Officer, boasts avoided jail.

Jason Pitt anywhere from Cheltenham sent blackmail calls for, threats, and explicit understanding that letters to the parents and even employers of his imprisonment officer ex-boyfriend.

Magistrates in the Cheltenham heard that Jason bass Pitt and a Leyhill Look at Prison officer had been place relationship for six months in the middle January and June 2019 but then split up – supporting the campaign of nuisance by Pitt.

On November normally, the victim told usually the police he didn’t items keep looking over his accumulate all the time and confirmed in his life was being injured by Pitt.

Lee Mott, guarding, told the court elizabeth Christmas Eve hearing: “Pitt has no previous convictions. Within the own mind he says he was suffering badly from knock back.

“It was a complicated relationship in which Pitt said he was constrained and controlled. But the passage of time my husband bitterly regrets what he’s got done. He suffers from a multitude of mental health issues which have arrived back during this process. ”

District Court Julia Moffatt said: “It’s the blackmail element which unfortunately worries me the most. That malicious allegations made to any victim’s employer and the constant nature of it. Pitt provides threatening psychological and true harm to his victim wonderful family. The custody patience has been passed. ”

Mr Mott responded: “Unfortunately some people need certainly to appear before a structure to learn their lesson. Your signifcant other needs somebody in authority, shopping mall district judge, to tell them a sufficient quantity of is enough. That is exactly what which has happened here. ”

Pitt, on-line Leighton Road, Cheltenham, pleaded guilty to stalking the particular victim between July 28 and November 13 2010 in Cheltenham, causing that loser serious alarm or relax which had a substantial adversive effect on his usual everyday activities by sending your man intimidating messages and driving sexually explicit letters which can his parents and interviewer as well as making an unwarranted demand for money along with loitering outside the victim’s family home.

Judge Moffatt said to Pitt: “In purely natural circumstances a defendant within the position would be sent to penitentiary.

“However, I am suspending the time period because of what’s happened for in the past and to some extent they’ve affected the way you think.

“I have faith in any work that can be done must be done in the community. I hope you will be able to formulate the skills to address your fervency issues and handle denial in a measured way. ”

This particular judge sentenced Pitt towards a six month prison term, halted for 18 months; ordered this guy to attend 16 rehabilitation project requirement days and will undertake 200 hours of generally work.

The judge also added an indefinite restraining order preventing him from contacting her victim or his as well as ordered him to pay £85 court costs and a £128 victim surcharge.

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