Man, 38, jailed for stamping on pregnant woman’s stomach in Stroud

man 38 jailed for stamping on pregnant womans stomach in stroud - Man, 38, jailed for stamping on pregnant woman's stomach in Stroud
man 38 jailed for stamping on pregnant womans stomach in stroud 2 - Man, 38, jailed for stamping on pregnant woman's stomach in Stroud

A 38-year old man who kicked and stamped on a pregnant woman in her Stroud home has been jailed for three years and two months.

Lee Gomersall, 38, of no fixed abode, was due to stand trial at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) but changed his plea at the last minute and admitted assaulting the 20 year old woman causing her actual bodily harm.

He had already pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of a five year sexual risk order imposed by Cheltenham magistrates in 2017 to prevent him associating with the woman.

Prosecutor Nicholas Lee told the court “The victim was four-and-a-half months pregnant when Gomersall appeared at her home at 6.30am on November 29, 2019. She was awoken by him banging on her door.

“Gomersall shouted at her, ‘Where’s my money?’ after which he pushed her over. He continued shouting, ‘Where is it?’. During the scuffle Gomersall headbutted the woman in the stomach. She managed to dial 999 but was not able to speak to the operator.

“However the call handler could hear her screaming and being kicked and stamped upon. Gomersall was heard saying ‘That will teach you to get pregnant by someone else.’

“The woman responded, shouting ‘Get off me.’ Gomersall then cancelled the call.”

The court heard that the victim then contacted social services, who called an ambulance so she could be taken to hospital for checks.

She later told the police she had bruises and swelling all over her body from the assault. She said that Gomersall had stomped over her midriff and that she was too scared to go back home.

“Gomersall was eventually arrested but denied assaulting the woman, claiming he’d been in Gloucester at the time,” said the prosecutor.

Jason Coulter, defending, said: “The pair had previously been in a relationship, but Gomersall was 18 years her senior.

The sexual risk order was made to protect both of them but Gomersall chose to ignore it and breached it on a number of occasions.

“Gomersall, at the age of 38, has spent a large proportion of his life behind bars. He was homeless at the time of this incident.

“He is now of an age where he is ready to accept judgement and justice.”

Judge Michael Cullum said to Gomersall: “The incident in November 2019 is truly shocking. You were subject to a sexual risk order, but you totally ignored it.

“It is clear that this was a deliberate breach during which you caused significant harm to the woman. The assault itself was appalling and you caused her a lot of stress afterwards.

“You pushed her to the ground with a degree of kicking to her stomach, even though she was pregnant.

“Luckily she had only modest injuries from your stomping. You knew from the statement that you had made that you were aware that she was pregnant.

“You got yourself in a cycle of offending in relation to this woman.

“You knew that every time you saw this woman, you were committing an offence. You have previous convictions for assaulting previous domestic partners.”

Judge Cullum sentenced Gomersall to a prison sentence of 38 months and reminded him he was still subject to the sexual risk order.

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