Man jailed for threatening to kill PCSOs with knife in Gloucester

Grant StevensImage copyright Gloucestershire Police
Image caption Grant Stevens admitted being in possession of a knife

A man who threatened to kill two police community support officers while armed with a knife has been jailed for two years.

Grant Stevens, 37, said he was going to stab the women outside Gloucester railway station on 17 June.

Officers Suzanne Sexton and Rachael Addinall were “terrified for their lives”, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Stevens, of Bristol, admitted two counts of making threats to kill and being in possession of a knife.

Judge Michael Cullum said: “The two unarmed female officers were very distressed at your agitated behaviour and seriously thought that you were going to hurt them.”

The court heard the two PCSOs were at the station looking for a missing person when they saw the defendant in some bushes by the car park.

Prosecutor Janine Wood said Stevens, who has bi-polar, shouted: “Stand back, I’m going to stab you, I’m going to kill you.”

She said he also shouted “that he was serious and he again said that he was going to kill them”.

‘Very shaken’

Other police officers arrived at the scene and Tasered the defendant, who fell to the floor and was arrested.

CCTV footage of Stevens, of Eastcourt Road, wielding a knife and stick and being Tasered was shown to the court.

In a victim impact statement, Ms Sexton said: “I was very scared as I was faced with a man with a knife.”

Ms Addinall added: “I feel very shaken and I honestly thought this man was going to kill me.”

Kate Chidgey, defending, said Stevens’s behaviour was affected because he had stopped taking his bi-polar disorder medication.

The court also heard he disliked the police and people in uniforms.

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