Met Office update on when our area will get thunderstorms

FORECASTERS are predicting thunderstorms and torrential rain as a yellow weather warning comes into force across the South West including Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

The Met Office has implemented the warning from Midnight on Monday until 11.59pm on Tuesday and then again from 9.00am Wednesday until 11.59pm Wednesday evening, after a change in air pressure led to dramatic showers.

Power cuts and delays and cancellations in trains and buses are predicted, while spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions for motorists.

Greg Dewhurst, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said the week would start off quite humid before cooling down later on.

He said: “We’ll start off initially quite humid, particularly across the south and the east of the UK, with thundery showers and sunny spells, but it will gradually become cooler and fresher as the week goes on.

“First half of the week, we’re looking at some heavy downpours and thunderstorms developing.

“You can sort of see that sort of transition coming in from the north, it’s day by day.

“It’s still hot today, we’re looking at highs around 31C, possibly 32C, and then it starts to come down.

“As we head towards Tuesday, temperatures are around 26C or 27C. Wednesday Thursday will be the mid 20s.”

Drivers have been urged to drive carefully amid predictions of flash flooding.
Simon Williams, RAC’s road safety expert, told PA: “When roads or conditions have been so dry, flash floods are going to appear and cause a danger to drivers.

There’s a risk of aquaplaning as the water won’t drain away quite as quickly. The risk of slipping and sliding is also greater.
“Make sure you’ve got good tread on your tyres and they’re properly inflated, because the tread is the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road. Also, leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front.”

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