Mobile speed camera locations – and how many were caught last month

Officers will be stationed in a variety of locations with mobile speed cameras at various times.

However, be aware as officers will also be at other locations not listed.

April priority site locations

The expectation is that each of the following locations will be visited at least once per week during the month of April:

  • A40, Over Farm – 50mph 
  • A417 London Road, Cirencester – 30mph 
  • Bracelands, Eastcombe – 30mph 
  • Finlay Way, Bishops Cleeve – 30mph 
  • Greet Road, Winchcombe – 30mph 

March priority site detections

Last month saw dozens of motorists break speed limits across the county. 

Gloucestershire County Council have revealed how many motorists were caught speeding last month at priority site detection points.

  • B4060 Wotton Road, Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School – no information available 
  • Stoke Road, Tredington – 30mph – 55 motorists were caught exceeding the speed limit
  • Gloucester Street, Newent – 30mph – 41 motorists were caught exceeding the speed limit
  • Box Road, Cam – 30mph – three motorists were caught exceeding the speed limit
  • Estcourt Road, Gloucester – 40mph – 70 motorists were caught exceeding the speed limit

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Police said: “We are committed to keeping people safe on the roads.

“We are taking appropriate action against those who put others at risk by driving at excessive speeds or in an otherwise dangerous manner.

“Speeding is one of the causes of road deaths and injury in the county, along with using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt and drink or drug driving.

“The Constabulary’s mobile Camera Enforcement Team regularly conducts speed checks at a number of locations.

“The locations are regularly published so that people know we are out on the roads carrying out enforcement.

“Speed limits are set for a reason – to keep people safe – and it is every driver’s responsibility to observe them.

“Just driving a few miles per hour above the speed limit can mean the difference between life and death.

“The faster someone drives, the less time they have to stop or react if something unexpected happens.”


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