Monastic garden being built in Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds

A monastic garden is being built in Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds.

The Abbot’s Garden is intended to provide a lasting legacy of the Abbey 900 Festival, which marked the founding of Cirencester’s Abbey in 1117.

The garden has been developed by Martin Portus of Portus & Whitton Ltd, and plants will incorporate those typically found in a monastery garden in the 1500s, mainly planted for medicinal purposes.

While the full planting scheme is planned for the autumn, the building of the pergola and raised beds is underway.

Interpretation panels will be part of the pergola build and a carved wooden statue representing an Abbot and Canon will also be installed.

The Abbey 900 Legacy Advisory Team under the auspices of Cirencester Community Development Trust Ltd have worked with Cirencester Town Councilof the project, which has been made possible by the community’s support of the Abbey 900 Festival in 2017.

Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester and patron of the Abbey 900 Festival will dedicate the Abbot’s Garden on Sunday, September 5.

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